The village of martyrs suffered the brunt of official apathy

Vidya sagar
July 26, 1999 the day had brought glory to the country when the whole world in front of a trumpet be blown victory. The day was organized by the Indian Army during the Kargil war 'Oprsen Vijay India through the successfully executed was freed from the clutches of intruders. Bihar integrated in the Kargil war for the defense of the country laughs the 18 men had their martyrdom. Integrated Bihar Bihar and Jarkhandwasi after splitting proud of his martyrdom each year. But the families of these martyrs is getting worse day by day. After the war the then Atal Bihari Vajpayee government at the Centre martyr's family at the time of the economic, social condition, petrol pump repair, cooking gas and kerosene agency had promised. The then Lalu - Rabri his sympathies to the bereaved families to express Facilities announce the official said. Udashinta taken up with time due to government economic and social situation of families of martyrs day - the day went from bad to worse. Representative of the government representatives are going to forget the martyr's family. Official Udasinta state of the martyred police Aurangabad Shiv Prasad Gupta Rafigunj block Bncr resident of village residents engaged in collaboration with the district headquarters Sbzimndi Kude around the base of the statue has been inundated. The statue is thought to encroachment around the site. City Council Udasinta this is understandable that the martyr's statue is struck by Gdre dust. Site clean - cleaning is not conducted. Martyr's village is facing the brunt of government neglect. In the native village of the martyr is neither a road nor electricity. Health center. Sirf is the name of the primary school education. Martyr's widow got the gas agency. Representatives do not have any family to look after. The hero martyr bihta Gnosh Prasad Yadav in Patna district village is facing the brunt of official neglect. This is more or less the Bihar - Jarnkd all those bereaved families and villages which are bereft of government facilities. Surprisingly, the passion and the determination with which capital Patna, Kargil Chowk near Gandhi Maidan, making it home to the heart of the government is facing the brunt of neglect. Kargil Chowk Shaheed - e - Kargil Memorial Park no electricity connection, nor is it clear explanations. The war Bihar - Jharkhand 18 brave warriors were killed, most of whom did not see his life spring 30. Valor and sacrifice of these martyrs of the Indian Army has maintained the highest tradition, which takes as surely as every soldier before tricolor. The supreme sacrifice homeland even though the immortal martyrs are no longer with us, but their memories in our hearts forever - forever will be settled.


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