Duyredn corrupt leaders today: Mukesh Khanna

Duyredn corrupt leaders today: Mukesh Khanna

Grandsire Bhishma as soon as the new character will learn powerful Bose


Vidya Sagar
Mukesh Khanna mighty grandsire Bhishma in the Mahabharata Prernasret of view of the children and from children to old hands Pnram. Grandsire Bhishma saw people on television yet. Seeing them today when they came to Patna Bujugre Vchchon the Pnram while watching the mighty asked him fly in the sky. Meanwhile, Bollywood actor Mukesh Khanna 'Rashtriya Sahara, the special negotiating''. Grandsire Bhishma said, I was surprised to see Bihar. Which turned out to hear about wrong here. The government has developed everywhere. There is no shortage of talent in the state. Every person is an artist. Need to recognize your inner artist. Art Goes Vertical identify and perform better, move the floor. He budding artists got involved in a serial or a reality show, they do not stop their studies. The people of Bihar are talented. Politics is inherited Biharis. Dirty politics of the state youth to come forward with a sense of service to country. Grandsire Bhishma advised to become leaders of the Mahabharata. He said that more than corrupt politicians are wicked Duryodhana in the Mahabharata. He's roll through the mighty mighty mighty youth of the country to be called. Today, the Almighty for the moment is to strengthen youth. Lalu Lalu Prasad said Mukesh Khanna About Us performer, who has fifteen years of Bihar and the railway ran for five years. Grandsire Bhishma and Superman are two different character, in that era, he said in answer to this question is to roll my toast to the mighty mighty role in the nation's children have. On the question of obscenity in Hindi and Bhojpuri films and songs, he said that such films are going to take society in the wrong direction. Inspirational films and songs are the need of the hour. Asked question about his new serial or film Superman again, he said, is getting ready to bring in the new.


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